Our greenhouse full a baby plants in the spring! Emily started playing around with growing perennials and bulbs that were used in high quantity’s on Nantucket in an unheated greenhouse used for storage many years ago. This evolved into Dutra Designs growing many of the annuals and perennials used in our customers landscapes today from cuttings and plugs. Emily being as excitable as she is about organics, soil biology and unique plants decided if she couldn’t get the product she wanted she’d make it. Determined, they are currently building a new 1300 sq’ growing space that if it is anything like her last, 950 sq’ greenhouse, she will fill to the brim every spring. By early summer it should be spilling out into their similarly sized outdoor nursery space.  By growing the plants ourselves we ensure they receive the proper nutrients, love and water through-out their life cycle. Many natives are now being grown with and emphasis on low maintenance, deer resistance and pollinator friendly perennials! It is sustainable and really fun! We know what varieties will survive and do well within our island climate. Having such a large selection means we can find the colors, shapes textures & smells that go best with your property. Having such a greenhouse also allows us to save quite a bit on plant material; savings that get passed along to our customers!